Heart aflutter: #BegrudginglyPomodoro

I’ve been avoiding the Pomodoro Technique ever since I heard about it. A colleague of mine, John, told me that he used it and I simultaneously felt jealous of his productivity and utter hatred for the technique. The method, for those of you who are either unaware of the method or in deep denial ofContinue reading “Heart aflutter: #BegrudginglyPomodoro”

Certainty: The Monsters Will Come

During this period of “social distancing” I have been playing a lot of the video game Don’t Starve. It’s a resource management game, as I explained to the Thai restaurant delivery man who was delighted by the image on my television as he handed over a heavy bag full of curry, drunken noodles, and tofuContinue reading “Certainty: The Monsters Will Come”

Contentment: Old Lady Shoes

I was nineteen when I first stumbled upon Easy Street shoes. They are unquestionably made for people of an older persuasion. Their logo is just a font. Not even a particularly good font. At the time, the shoe box was aqua and had a beachy, underwater feel — despite the fact that the shoes theyContinue reading “Contentment: Old Lady Shoes”