Writer’s (Blogger’s) Block

I haven’t been blogging much recently.

And the less I blog, the more starting to blog again feels difficult. Impossible, even.

It’s the same for me and writing and researching — luckily for me, my department, and my dissertation committee I have been working on the dissertation.

But I’ve been thinking about writer’s block a lot recently, and why people get it.

Then I googled, “Why do people get writer’s block” and read a few blog posts written for writers. And was immediately exhausted. I could literally feel energy seeping out of my body as I read them.

“Writer’s block is a myth,” one blog post said. “Writer’s block is an excuse,” another one crowed.

I understand what these blog posts are trying to say: writer’s block can often be pushed through. Writing is a habit, not something that happens only when inspiration strikes.

But if so many writers experience something, what is the usefulness of writing blog posts which say that the phenomenon people are experiencing simply doesn’t exist? That if they just grit their teeth and got down to it, things would happen?

Productivity culture can be exceptionally draining. I wonder if there is an inverse relationship between how many “productivity” blogs a person reads and how satisfied they feel with the quality and quantity of their work.


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